Workshop Details

  • All workshops will require some level of moderate fitness

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear will be required (waterproof preferably)

  • Full day workshops will have a scheduled lunch/tea stop

  • Please bring your own snacks or flasks for hot drinks

  • Use of Kase filters on request

  • Telephone call will be required to arrange locations/timings and assess photography level prior to workshops

  • Please bring a tripod

What We Will Cover

  • Full day sessions will include image reviews with lightroom

  • Spotting composition

  • The use of Kase filters (graduated filters/Neutral density filters

  • Utilising the conditions and the use of light

  • Basic camera settings


1-2-1 Workshops

I now offer 1-2-1 workshops for all skill levels in photography, I intend on doing 4 hour blocks whether that be a sunrise or a sunset shoot.

  • Sunrise (4 hour session) £70

  • Sunset (4 hour session) £70

  • Full day from sunrise or to sunset (8 hour session) £150

For your hard earned money we will have a telephone conversation prior to our shoot to discuss any specific requirements and goals that you wish to focus on, and sort out a plan of location. The whole goal of the more intimate 1-2-1 workshop is for you to get the maximum out of the 4 hours, I will travel across Devon and Cornwall and also can arrange locations up in Wiltshire and beyond if required.

All aspects and genres can be covered

All aspects and genres can be covered

Small Groups

I am looking for groups of 2-3 people of any level of photography in and around Devon and Cornwall. Maybe you have a friend or relative that would like to join you on a workshop and would like to be taken out together to work on composition or any aspect of landscape photography.

  • Sunset (4 hour session) £50pp

  • Sunrise (4 hour session) £50pp

  • Full day from sunrise or to sunset (8 hour session) £100pp

Lets learn together

Lets learn together

Please contact me using the form below and simply write in the subject field 1-2-1 or GROUP to get your workshop booked in.

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