Minimalism is a genre of photography that i don’t do enough of but its one of my favourite genres. In this video i set out to shoot some Michael Kenna style shots and i will let you decide whether i succeed or not.

DSC_4508 1.jpg

Long Exposure

Long exposure photography is a massive love of mine, i am a sucker for that ethereal look. There is a shot of Bude breakwater at high tide, with the water draping over the breakwater. I finally got the opportunity to take this shot when i was out planning to shoot a sunrise at compass point. It just goes to show always be prepared for the unexpected.


Storm Freya

As you know i am very active across the social media platforms, and i was contacted by Douglas Stocker on Facebook about attending a landscape photography meetup that he organises. Naturally i couldn’t wait to head over to Paignton to meet the guys and hopefully get some stormy shots from storm Freya.


Summerleaze Sunset

In this vlog i ventured down to my local beach, summerleaze. It was a spur of the moment shoot and i didn’t have allot of time to get organised. Luckily i knew of the composition i was going for, and i knew i could improve a previous shot if the conditions played ball.


The Vale Of Pewsey

Wow what a snowy couple of days we had up in Wiltshire. We travelled up to visit family in Wiltshire (Pewsey). We had some snow down in Bude but i knew there would be heaps of it up in Wiltshire. And i couldn’t help sneaking out for a sunrise shoot before we ventured back to Bude. I wasn’t disappointed there was at least six inches, some places it went up to my knees. And what a cracking shoot it was………


Black Rock

There is a beach just south of Bude which has this incredible black peaked rock. And probably mid-tide its at its best with the water around the base. Now i never had much luck with the tides as you will see, but i did get a cracking sunrise of colour and well worth getting out of bed.


Stourhead Gardens

Stourhead gardens is a location that i wanted to photograph for a long time. I got the opportunity to go on a trip back to Bude, as its located not far from the A303. I went in January so deep into winter, which isn’t the best time to visit the gardens. But at the very least the trip would give me a good idea on the best compositions to shoot in the future. I did get some good shots for reference but the mist i had hoped for was nowhere to be seen.


Honister Pass

Whilst on holiday in the lake district, i couldn’t resist a trip to Honister slate mine. I use to visit here with my dad and brother, park at the mine and go explore the hills. We set off up the steep winding path with Willow tagging along in the carrier. And it wasn’t long before i found my first composition.